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Thursday, 06 October 2016


16:00-18:30                                                                                               Workshop 1

Teaching using case scenarios and consultation techniques

Interactive Programme

Cases: Diagnosis & Prescription (Groups: G1+G2+G3+ G4)

The need for anti- ageing medicine;

Ilpo Huhtanemi                  G1: Testosterone Treatment, Monitoring: who, why, and when!

Irene Lamprinoudaki         G2: Benefits And Risks Of HRT: who, why, and when!

Christian Strasburger        G3: Growth Hormone treatment options and the Aging Patient: who, why, and when

Marija Pfeifer                      G4: Antiosteoporotic treatment for the aging male: who, why, and when


17:30-18:30                                                  Participants presentation and Discussion


18:30-19:00                                        Welcome with coffee and Opening Remarks


19:00-20:30                                                                                                          Session I

Early Detection/Prevention of Aging Disorders

19:00 -19:20 E. Diamanti- Kandarakis   L1: The ageing Endocrine System

19:20 -19:50 Christos Zoumpoulis        L2: The network and the remodeling theories of aging: historical background and new perspectives

19:50 – 20:20  TBA                                   L3: Advanced GLycosylated end products (AGEs) their role in ageing?


21:00-23.00                                                                            Dinner for the participants


Friday, 07 October 2016


08:30-10:00                                                                                Breakfast & Registration


10:00-13:00                                                                                                         Session II

Treat the Aging Diabetic  

Eleanor Scott                      L4: The biological clock and metabolism in ageing

Theodoros Alexandridis L5: Type 2 Diabetes and the Aging Pancreatic Beta Cell

Elias Mygdalis                     L6: Treat and Prescribe antidiabetic medicines for the Aging Diabetic with heart failure

TBA                                        L7: Treat and Prescribe antidiabetic medicines for the Aging Diabetic with Dyslipidemia

Melpomeni Peppa              L8: Treat and Prescribe medications for  Sexual Dysfunction in the Diabetic  Female: and Male patient

Christos Zoumboulis                          L9: Diagnose and Treat the skin problems of aging diabetic


13:00-13:30                                                 Ask the Expert & Answer  to your patient

13:30-16:00                                                                                   Lunch (on your own)


16:00-19:30                                                                                                   Workshop 2

Teaching using case scenarios and consultation techniques Diabetes Care &Technology Aids for the Aging Diabetic

Interactive Programme


Alexandra Bargiota                        G1: Teach and Prescribe: Blood pressure  Management of  aging Diabetic  with type 2 diabetes

Konstantinos Makrilakis              G2: Teach and Prescribe: Wearable Tech for the  aging Diabetic


Charis Dimosthenopoulos          G3: Teach and Prescribe: Nutritional education and management in Aging Diabetic: Snacks, fast food, meal replacement &food supplements


Nikolaos Tentolouris                    G4: Teach and Prescribe: The aging Diabetic  with foot ulcer

18:00-19:30                           Participants presentation and Discussion

19:30                                      Close of session


Saturday, 08 October 2016


7:00-9:00                                                                                        Continental Breakfast


9:00-11:00                                                                                                          Session III

Hormones and the Anti-Aging Challenge

Christos Zouboulis            L10: How Menopause Changes the Biology of Skin:  What to prescribe to benefit and not to harm

Renato  Pasquali                L11: The aging hyperandrogenemic woman  does she need special care?

Marinella Ttzanella L13: Ageing Neuroendocrine regulation of the Pituitary: when it needs replacement

Djuro Macut                         L14: DHEA : To Whom, why, and when to prescribe

Ask the Expert &  Answer  to your patient

11:00-11:30                                                                                                                 Break


11:30-13:30                                                                                                        Session IV

Ageing and Fertility preservation: ACTION ON TIME

Case Histories

Shahla Nader-Eftekhari    G1: An update on Ovarian Aging and Ovarian Reserve Tests

Nicholas Vlahos                 G2: Markers of ovarian aging and Characteristics of the Responding Ovaries post stimulation for oocyte retrieval: Ultrasonographically And Hormonally

Dror Meirow                         G3: Methods of Fertility Preservation and reproduction in patients With Forced Ovarian Ageing by gonadotoxic therapies

TBA                                        G4: Regimens for Prevention Of Chemotherapy-  Induced testicular  Ageing

Presentation of the cases in a “Virtual Congress” setting,by participants Groups G1,G2.G3,G4


13:30-14:00                                                   Ask the Expert & Answer  to your patient


14:00–14:30                                                                                                    Light Lunch